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I have been in 3 other real estate companies over 17 years before I joined Michael. He came across as a person as approachable & charismatic, whom I am very comfortable to work with, a self motivated leader with a vision and always in full gear. Through his guidance on tough cases, I feel knowledgeable & confident of my work. He wants his team to work with towards a goal, be professional and be confident.

Juriah Shahri

Michael is a very helpful and humble guy that I am fortunate to know. He’s always positive and encouraging in work. Someone that I can count on in times of need. He’s also very knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge whenever he can do so.

Jeslyn Leow

As a mentor and boss, he is knowledgeable and resourceful, is able to analyse situation quickly and offer an alternative advise or solutions to help me and I never felt forced to accept the advice or solution.

He is a good listener, who sacrifices his personal time, to guide me and highlight my blind spots, even areas which I refused to admit. He creates awareness for me to constantly review until I change things and move on.As a friend, Michael can be very funny, crazy and fun loving. Someone I can trust.

Thank you Michael. It’s my privilege and honor to be your agent, partner and friend.

Cynthia Koh

I love working with Micheal, he is such a honest person and he speaks very direct to the point and sometimes his words hurt me but most of the times, he help me solved my real estate problems before or after closing my deals. I have learned a lot from him. I struggle a lot when I don’t have a mentor. And now Micheal is my mentor, I will be able to face whatever hurdle that block my way to close my real estate deals.

Jessica Lau

I am a newbie to this team but though being in a foreign environment, Joe has been making the effort to gel me with the team through various activities. Despite his busy schedule, he will make time to respond to your call to attend to your inquiries.

Through this short period of time, Joe has shown to be a leader that will not leave you in a lurch when difficulties come your way. In fact, he will go the extra miles and make the extra effort to resolve the issues at hand in the most tactful and peaceable manner.

Even though he is younger than me, he has shown to be a man of much wisdom and integrity in his dealing in businesses.
I am glad to be in this company in which honesty is one of the policy which is hardly emphasizes in this industry.

Ray Lee YS

I have joined this industry for about 2 years now. Have learnt so much about the trade, all thanks to my mentor, Joe Zhang, for his steadfast support and his kind patience, guidance and encouragement.

Kudos to Joe Zhang! For my comfortable income and my steady sales! Thanks to his tips, i recently managed to close a penthouse sale and 2 house rentals this week. A very big THANK YOU to you!

Zen Liew

I’ve worked with Joe since day one in my real estate career and the role he’s played in my career development has been instrumental in shaping my career progress and achievements today.

As a KEO, Joe has displayed great leadership skills in terms of being able to be innovative, courageous and enthusiastic about ensuring his team is kept in the forefront of changes in the property landscape of Singapore. He was able to take the team to greater heights with his expertise in technical skills which, as a result, is able to develop digital tools to enable his team to work effectively and efficiently in an ever evolving technology-driven landscape. He’s also displayed great mentorship through his characteristic traits of loyalty, empathy and teamwork. Many in his team would certainly attest to this.

Working with Joe has been a great privilege and I personally am grateful to him for all his valued contributions to the team. I’m enthusiastic in looking forward to many more years of great partnership, mentorship and positive energy he brings about. Thank you sincerely, Joe.

Ray Lee


Fanny was recommended to us from my brother in law for the purpose of renting out our house. We have to say that was one of the best recommendations for a real estate agent. Fanny was tireless in her efforts (with her colleagues) in marketing our house.

She brought in scores of potential tenants which was remarkable due to the slow nature of the rental market now. Her services does not stop once a tenant is secured.

We are extremely satisfied with her and would highly recommend her.

Jonathan and Joanne

Fanny and her colleagues managed to find me a suitable tenant in only 4 days! The property was previously in the market for 6 weeks. I feel that this is attributed to their effective marketing strategy. I was impressed that they agreed to help me for 2 weeks even without an exclusive contract initially.

The video they created for the property was very professional and well-done. This was hassle-free, done during our first appointment and promulgated to other agents the day after.

Fanny is also very approachable and easy to work with. She responds to queries expediently and she goes out of her way to help prepare the unit for handover

She even personally cleans the walls to make sure that the unit is in tip-top condition!

Really appreciate Fanny and her team for a job well-done. Thanks


We are very fortunate to have met Rachel and her team over the past few months. They worked tirelessly to set up viewing after viewing for us which was really convenient with our work and travel schedules.

We have moved into a place which we love and still continue to think highly of Rachel as she ensures that even after we have moved in, we are still happy with the place and any issue is sorted out immediately.

We look forward to working with Rachel and her team in the future and cannot recommend her highly enough.


We were looking to rent out our place. Ray provided good professional market advice and we managed to find a tenant faster than expected.

He even managed to help us with moving in furniture and defects rectification. I would definitely engage him again.

Highly recommended for his professionalism and work ethics.

SL Tai Seng

Moving out from my home country, my confort zone is not easy. Has to adjust with so many things. And very important part is finding new home.

I’m very Blessed that my friend introduce me to Ray in helping finding new home. He is such sincere, honest and professional agent. Patiently helping me finding my apartment until I got the best and suit one for me. Now he becomes my friend.

Thank u Ray for your help. You are very kind and professional at the same time.


I would like you to know that Mr Terrell Soh (from Century 21 PTO Property Services Pte Ltd) is exemplary in the discharge of his duties and responsibilities as a Business Manager.

He wins absolute trust from his landlord and me, the tenant to what is necessary and property. He is quick to respond and provides solutions almost immediately. He brings inconvenience to himself by bringing convenience to others.

Mr Terrell Soh is such an efficient Business Manager that I must say, he deserves Thumbs-up and recognition for his good work!

Mdm Ruan
29 July 2017

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Our commitment to distinguish you and your competitor when you can design brochure-like materials for your buyers.


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Power Tuesday is a day of honouring our Top 5 Producers for the month, sharing of experiences & skills-focus training for everyone to learn to develop new skills & ability, and celebration of birthdays.


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Your Virtual CRM System
An essential tool for the 21st Century RES

Your personal virtual office that keeps you connected with your clients at all times.

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